The Freedom to Move™

Pacific Mobility Group

Pacific Mobility Group (PMG) is a family of businesses serving the transportation and recreation industries. Customers are consumers, private businesses, and public entities. It’s consolidating purpose is to improve people’s lives through better mobility.




Public Entities

PMG is a Washington State social purpose corporation (SPC) formed in response to profound transformations occurring in the transportation industry driven by a series of converging technological and social trends. Key areas of concentration for PMG are vehicle electrification, shared mobility, and autonomous technology.

Key Areas




PMG is focusing on the evolution of mobility along with the social and market opportunities that are emerging.

What is Mobility?

Mobility is the ease, or freedom, with which people access desired destinations, activities, and services utilizing a range of transportation options. Mobility solutions must be safe, reliable, efficient, accessible, and sustainable.

Advances in technology are facilitating the integration of schedules and fare/fee collection in new and innovative ways, resulting in an expanding mobility ecosystem with greater choices and convenience for all users.

These trends and the emergence of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) are transforming the way people and goods move.

(MaaS) represents a shift away from personally owned modes of transportation toward mobility solutions that are consumed as a service. MaaS is provided by an assortment of public and private providers and is amalgamated through the use of appropriate technology.

Products & Services

The products and services delivered by PMG are organized in the verticals of: Experiential Travel, Vehicle Technology, Project Infrastructure, and Mobility Solutions.

PMG’s consolidating purpose is to improve people’s lives through better mobility.


Discretionary travel that encourages a connection with the communities, culture, and environment in meaningful ways.


The technological systems incorporated into machines that transport people and goods. This includes transformative advances in fuel sources, connectivity, autonomous systems, and passenger amenities.


The base structures and systems that support operations. This includes electric vehicle charging stations, transit centers, and mobility hubs.


An amalgamation of resources targeted to address specific mobility needs or challenges. Solutions are fundamentally safe, reliable, efficient, accessible, and sustainable.

To improve people’s lives through better mobility.


PMG delivers products and services under various brands:



  • PacWesty Adventures – Camper van rentals
  • PacWesty Works – VW van maintenance, repair, and restoration

EV Works

  • Late model electric and hybrid vehicle maintenance and repair
  • Conversion of classic internal combustion powered vehicles to electric
  • Cargo and shuttle van electric conversion


PW Logistics

  • Parcel and grocery delivery


  • Advanced fleet management services
  • Light & medium duty EV leasing
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Car sharing programs

Pacific Marine

  • Marine consulting services
  • Project management
  • Vessel operations